Must be a Dutch boat

It’s hard to believe that I’m out cruising for almost three months now. Not that it feels shorter or longer, it just doesn’t feel at all. Although enough happens, in a month’s time. I became ¼ boater. You’re only a proper boater once you’ve fallen into the canal. Well, it was going to be a Read More →


I’m out now for more than two months. And I’m absolutely enjoying myself so far. I love doing locks, although it’s a lot of walking. I calculated that for every lock I do, I walk about a fifth of a mile. So doing the five Tyrley locks yesterday I walked about a mile. Just doing Read More →

The two again

Going on the Llangollen, I mean. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great time, doing Hurleston Locks to Ellesmere (and back) with Andy and Christine on WRT 4. But there are way to many boats on the canal, it’s too shallow, and I can’t do the lift bridges. And all these other boaters seem Read More →

Different universe?

I’m at Coole Pilate, a nice mooring on the Shroppie, just south of Nantwich. I’ve got a picnic table, a BBQ and plenty of room to put stuff ashore. I’m planning to clean my well deck. But then the wind picks up. I immediately realise that everything I put outside will be blown away. So Read More →

This is exactly the situation in which my Ann comes in handy. This is me, moored up in Middlewich, just before King’s Lock. Some people just don’t give any room to manoeuvre! And, even with being on rings, I’ve noticed that, as soon as I start loosening a rope, the biggest wide beam you’ve ever Read More →

Meet Ann. No, I don’t mean the one that lives on the boat in front of me. No, I have my own Ann. And she is absolutely essential when I have to moor up. Especially when mooring up on pins. Because in that situation I should have two hands to hold the boat steady, and Read More →

After over a year of writer’s block, there might be new posts on this blog. Since the last post in December 2020 things have changed quite a bit, to say the least. Changed to such an extend, that the boat name now is a complete lie. There is no WE anymore; Lawrance lives on his Read More →

Birthday Party (not Christmas Meal...)

I know, I just noticed the date of my last post… So this one will cover SIX MONTHS! Well, I suppose I could divide it in two: our time cruising, and our time not cruising. Therefore Season’s Greetings part 1 (cruising) and Season’s Greetings part 2 (not cruising). Yes, we actually do cruise. We leave Read More →