Back in the days, ages ago, when I still was at Grammar School, I used to have ten different colours of nail polish, and would have a different colour on every finger nail. Then came a time that nail polish was absolutely not in the picture. But since I’m on the boat, I found out Read More →

Perfectly safe

And that’s me back at home base. Six months I’ve been out. Cruised with friends sometime, but mostly cruised just on my own. I’m very proud of myself, to be honest. Even with the water shortage I managed to do 413 miles. Went through 211 locks, and 22 bridges. Of which, I must admit, I Read More →

Gorgeous day

I do like tunnels. But what do I do when I break down in one of these one-way crooked tunnels, way up north? I decide I’ll send CRT an email and ask them. The answer? “When you break down in one of these tunnels you phone us and phone RCR*.” Phone someone? In a tunnel? Read More →

Dutton Breach

Today exactly ten years ago, this was NOT the place to moor! Picture from the Trent and Mersey Canal Society website. I’m moored just at the middle of the breach.

Dubbel Dutch and Crew

On a canal, somewhere in the UK. A man says to his wife: “Kijk, daar ligt Magda!” She answers: “Nee, die is volgens mij al veel noordelijker.” He replies: “Nee, ik weet het zeker, dat is Magda.” I’m just finishing my lunch. I see a boat coming past, on proper tick-over. When I look at Read More →

400 gram

… and 30 days to do that! As a figure of speech, that’s about the situation I find myself in. Because of the lack of water, passage through Wigan needs to be booked. And everybody seems to need or want to go through Wigan. No bookings for the next few weeks. So I do the Read More →

It's getting winter

Time flies, when you are having fun. Especially when one has another couple of meetings. The first ones I met were Pat and Stephen, just before Acton Trussel. No need to mention that it was very late when I went to bed. Or to state the amount of wine… Luckily these ones all stayed at Read More →


Imagine you work for CRT on one of their maintenance boats. Just imagine that for as long as it takes you to read this post, not any longer. I don’t want you to get severely depressed…! Anyway, because of the location of the job, it is convenient to leave you maintenance boat on the 48 Read More →

One more

Technically speaking I’m now on my way home. I even manage to get off the Trent&Mersey. But first I get another beautiful sunset. And a quick shopping trip to Rugeley. Since I’ve been at Wolseley Bridge quite a few nights (12 nights to be precise) I got involved with the locals. Who were a bit Read More →