Technically speaking I’m now on my way home. I even manage to get off the Trent&Mersey.
But first I get another beautiful sunset.

One more

One more

And a quick shopping trip to Rugeley.

Since I’ve been at Wolseley Bridge quite a few nights (12 nights to be precise) I got involved with the locals. Who were a bit upset when suddenly I was gone…
Locals who asked: “Are you from Scarisbrick?”, while pronouncing Scarisbrick the right way. Turns out they used to live in Southport.
They were glad to see me back (and no, there was NO NEED for that bottle of my favourite wine, Susan!).

My back neighbours, I’ve seen their boat many times over the last eight years, actually moor at Fettler’s Wharf.

Just imagine the wear and tear of my voice!

But it’s time to say goodbye. And after I oversleep for two hours I finally manage to head for Tixall.

And another lovely meal. Because I picked so many blackberries, I just had to make blackberry pasta salad with roquefort, pink onions, rocket, tomatoes, celery.
Just great.
Of course I don’t need to mention my Dutch newspaper, or my favourite wine…

Blackberry salad

Blackberry salad

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