Imagine you work for CRT on one of their maintenance boats.

Just imagine that for as long as it takes you to read this post, not any longer. I don’t want you to get severely depressed…!

Anyway, because of the location of the job, it is convenient to leave you maintenance boat on the 48 hr visitor moorings at the bottom of Haywood Lock.



The next day, on the 7th of July, a certain lady visits Shugborough Estate, and spots the boat.

Fast forward to the 28th of July. A certain lady, mentioned before, moves her boat from Worseley bridge to Tixall.
Just before Haywood Lock, guess…?

Two days later this same lady goes for her Saturday newspaper to Great Haywood.

How big is the change to get exactly the same spot again to moor your maintenance boat, after a day’s work?

How about managing to get that same spot for over THREE WEEKS?

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