And this will be our final day of cruising. Passing a nice house, which is for sale, and a very important sign on a canal: To The Pub. We stop at Anderton Marina, to look for a permanent mooring, but we don’t class them as being friendly. Next stop is Anderton Boat Lift. It’s open, Read More →

We’re on familiar terrain again, heading towards Middlewich. Passing the same swan nest, but this time there are cygnets (why are they not called swanlings, I wonder?). And the house on the picture didn’t change either. Only the sun bathing (?) heron wasn’t there the last time. Due to the rain, I guess. We stop Read More →

Still running low on milk we stop at a village called Dunham Town, where there should be a shop, according to our guide. But once I’m on my way I don’t see a shop, and when I ask I’m told it is about 20 minutes away. That’s too far, I think. Our next stop then Read More →

Now we are on our way back to Acton Bridge. Once again we pass Plank Lane Lift Bridge. This time there is another boat in front of us. They do the bridge (also for the first time) but now the screen on the terminal must be hard to read because of the sun. Our amount Read More →

Today we’re going on the ‘ring road’ around Manchester. Lawrance is skipper, I’m cabin crew and lockie. Not that there are any locks in this part of the Bridgewater Canal… But there are motorways, in this case the M60. And then, after we turn left at Waters Meeting, something special: the Barton Swing Aqueduct. At Read More →

I’m the skipper again, today. I find out that it is a lot easier to sit and steer with something under my feet. We first think to use a six-pack of beer for that, but later decide for one of our folding crates. The weather is absolutely gorgeous, and sun cream is certainly needed. At Read More →

We have an early start, this morning, Eddie wants to be back at Acton Bridge around lunchtime. We pass Anderton Boat Lift again, and again no place to moor. Now Lawrance gets his first tunnels, Barnton Tunnel and Saltersford Tunnel. I will not mention the amount of points he collects here… At Acton Bridge Eddie Read More →

I’m the skipper for today. I need to practice steering and handling the boat at locks because after tomorrow afternoon, me and Lawrance are on our own. So Lawrance does the locks. Everything goes fine, Stanthorne Lock, Wardle Lock. And while Lawrance is still on shore, after doing Wardle Lock, I have to turn left Read More →