In Holland, going to Grammar School in the seventies usually meant visiting Rome. So did I in 1973. One of our duties was to write a travel journal. This was the start of the numerous travel journals I wrote over the years.

So when the word ‘narrowboat’ entered my vocabulary I immediately realised: this is going to be a journey as well (but not as we know it). I kept track of everything narrowboat-related after that. And when I finally moved to the UK I decided to keep a weblog. Primary for myself, but also for ‘the folks back home’.

But reading a weblog on a day-to-day basis is one thing, reading all posts about one subject in one go is very awkward. Reading it as a pdf is a lot easier. Hence all the posts as pdf’s as well. Just click and download to computer or tablet.

2013 – How it all started
2013 – Holiday on a Narrowboat
2014 – Boat Owners!
2015 – The First Full Year
2016 – Extreme Make-over
2016 – Adventures 2016
2017 – Rivers 2017
2018 – Hot, hot, hot!
2019 – Magda’s Flotilla
2019 – The Windy year
2020 – Some Locks are Down