… and 30 days to do that!

As a figure of speech, that’s about the situation I find myself in.

Because of the lack of water, passage through Wigan needs to be booked. And everybody seems to need or want to go through Wigan. No bookings for the next few weeks.

So I do the shortest cruising day ever: fifteen minutes. All the way from Coole Pilate to the Hack Green visitor moorings. As not to overstay too long at one place.

Since it is just the perfect day for painting, I first put undercoat on half of the rusty spots on the roof. That would give everybody at Hack Green time to get up and move.
Then, as I said, I cruise for fifteen minutes. Because of my batteries not keeping their charge, I need to run the engine anyway. So I’m killing a few birds with one stone.

Hack Green is totally empty. So bags of room to moor. Where do I moor up? Next to the biggest amount of blackberries I’ve ever seen!
So before lunch I get my first harvest: 400 gram!

400 gram

400 gram

Since the weather is still fine, I undercoat the rest of the roof. And make blackberry jam. And use my free runner beans for supper. The tastiest runner beans since ages!

Today, although there was some rain in the forecast, the weather seems to be fine, so another day of touching up and painting awaits me…

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