I’m not sure if I will eat bananas in the future. Not that I don’t like the taste anymore. No, I probably cannot longer stand the boxes they are shipped in. I’m up in Scotland. Last Saturday I took the last 6 banana boxes to IJmuiden, put them on a pallet and shrink-wrapped the pallet; Read More →

Well, it certainly has it’s price, all the work I’ve done so far. Since I came back from the UK in February I lost 4.5 kilo (that’s 0,7 stone). So Lawrance has to cook a lot of good food for me during our holidays, otherwise… And he also needs to buy me some new crocks. Read More →

I realise that there is another good thing, once we’re on the boat: I won’t get all the junk mail that I get here. OK, I must admit, going through all the leaflets is my way of going shopping. It keeps me informed about the latest fashion, and what kind of furniture I should buy Read More →

Sometime life is not too bad. This morning I find out that last night someone accepted the price for my television set on Marktplaats. Not that I watch tv very often, but I still have a couple of weeks to go, before I move to the UK. And sometimes watching television is just the right Read More →

It is really getting empty now, my house. There is an echo in every room. But the biggest difference is the lack of furniture to temporarily put things on. Charging the phone? No problem, but the phone has to lay on the floor. My office desk has gone, so I have to use the breakfast Read More →

I know we still have one week to go, before it is Easter, but me and Lawrance already had our “Last Supper”. Well, at my diner table, that is… Yesterday we dismantled most of the dismantable furniture: the book shelf in the office, the remaining office table and my bed. Last night we slept on Read More →

Above you can see the first print of an old science fiction book. I was captured by the date it shows, and by all the other similarities. Because yesterday was my Open Houses Day. But as always with science fiction, it’s FICTION. Everything is fact, except for the amount of cars and visitors. I had Read More →

…me and Lawrance met, on a boat. It is our anniversary day. Lawrance is in Holland, and we use the weekend to dismantle part of my office desk and another book case in the living room. After the book case is gone, I say something to Lawrance, and we look at each other in disbelieve: Read More →