On a canal, somewhere in the UK.

A man says to his wife: “Kijk, daar ligt Magda!”
She answers: “Nee, die is volgens mij al veel noordelijker.”
He replies: “Nee, ik weet het zeker, dat is Magda.”

I’m just finishing my lunch.
I see a boat coming past, on proper tick-over. When I look at the front I think: that’s the same kind of well deck as Annemarie and Martin have. But, as far as I know, they mentioned October for cruising. Plus, they moor their boat at Crick, and doing the Llangollen or Shroppie in three weeks holiday? Not likely.

Slowly the boat comes past. I see the last letter of the name: an H. Then the penultimate: a C.

It IS Dubbel Dutch.

Dubbel Dutch and Crew

Dubbel Dutch and Crew

Martin still works from home, and home is where you moor your boat. So plenty of time to cruise the Llangollen.

We catch up for a while, then they set off onto the Llangollen. I think: I might as well help them.
So the volunteers at Hurleston Locks encounter two (still catching up) obvious foreign women, who, as one can see, are experienced boaters.

Question marks all over!

Later that day I walk the Hurleston locks again. Coffee with Linda, from Cheshire Cat. I owe her a lot. Without her I would still be in Scarisbrick Marina.
When I come home I owe her even more. She provides me with damsons to make jam, and, as I find out later, the tastiest beetroot I’ve had for a long time!

Damson Jam

Damson Jam

Martin: “Look, that’s Magda moored just in front of us!”
Annemarie: “No, I think she will be a lot further up north.”
Martin: “No, I’m sure. That’s Magda.”

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