Today, and yesterday, and the day before. And last week, and the week before that. No gale force winds, no torrential rain, plenty of sunshine. A perfect day to spend locked down, in the marina. Just before the sun comes up, I get up. It’s awful quiet, not only because it’s around 5am but also Read More →

We've cruised!

And everything else that happened between my last post in February and now. First of all me and Ann went to London to see Cirque du Soleil, visit various museums and eat at posh restaurants. And see millions of kids… We did the National History Museum. That was a waste of time; it only took Read More →

Dennis on his way

And polished brass again and again. And cleaned windows again and again. Something like that. An update of all that happened over the last month or so. First of all I still owe you the results of the oliebollen bake contest. No, they didn’t really look like oliebollen. Yes, they were round, and had approximately Read More →

100 yards from Heddal Stavkirke

Dear Jumper, Just over thirty years ago, on the 27th of December 1989, you were born in Heddal, a small village in Norway. In a house about 100 yards away from the famous Stavkirke. It was cold, even at daytime, but luckily it stopped snowing. I had just decided to get divorced, and my whole world Read More →

Harrods in Christmas Outfit

Is a box of energy and a bottle of hours. For some people the time in the marina is leisure time Or, better maybe, absolutely boring. Nothing else to do than hours of computer games, Facebook and catnaps. Oh, and the odd game of golf, of course. Others, however, could do with a bit more Read More →

Once upon a time there was a country that decided to do something smart: a Brexit (all foreigners out). All inhabitants of that country, obviously not the brightest of people, are delighted. Not realising that without these foreigners their country would come to a complete standstill: vegetables stay on the fields forever, enormous queues at Read More →

What a gorgeous morning

Spotlight on, fog generator working. And WRT appears on stage. That’s what crosses my mind when I set off, early in the morning. Just about to turn around in the winding hole after the New Scarisbrick Arms. This is what I saw when I opened the back doors, earlier on. Mist rising up, over an Read More →

Mooring on Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal

…I like to be prepared. Too many times I’ve been in a lorry, crossing a EU/non-EU border. Morocco, Tunesia, Switserland. The amount of paper work needed, and the amount of time it takes to cross the border is unbelievable. And this is the ‘normal’ daily situation for these borders. Now think Brexit. All border personnel Read More →

Cruising 2019

That’s us back at Scarisbrick. We had to hurry home, because Lawrance is running out of tablets. Which meant me getting soaked the last four days in a row because of the horrible weather. I definitely need new (and proper) waterproofs! Anyway, time for statistics. We’ve been out 185 days, which is a lot less Read More →

It’s on!

…but had no choice. The Fire Is On! Much earlier than last year, or 2014, or 2016. In these years we lit the fire in the first week of October. I didn’t record what date it was in 2015. Only in 2017 we lit it early, on the 18th of September. Hopefully lighting it early Read More →