The never ending story of getting rid of all my stuff. I make another appointment with the people from the second hand shop for next Tuesday. Although it is nice to have a lot more space in the living room, now the book case is gone, it fills the basement. So I move all the Read More →

…there was a book case. Full of books. Now there is   S    P    A    C    E    ! Most of the books I want to keep are in Scotland already. All the other books are in carton boxes in the basement, ready to get rid of. And like last time, when I dismantled part of this book case (see Saturday 8 Read More →

Four days ago I got an email from one of my neighbours. She heard from another neighbour that I’m planning to rent out my house. Was that really the case? Then she knew someone who is having a divorce and trying to find accommodation for herself and three kids. OK, so yesterday I had an Read More →

The plan was to do my bookkeeping for January and then do my Income Tax for 2013. But the Tax Department hasn’t released the software yet, so after bookkeeping it’s de-junk-time again. Only one family came to my ‘book shop’ yesterday. So I’m left with most of my books. Time to start throwing some away. Read More →

And once again it’s a long time ago I had time to write. Basically due to spending New Year’s Eve in Scotland, and getting back home via Marseille (France), Ortona (Italy) and Scotland. When I came back, there still was the Christmas tree, and the Christmas decorations. So I made an appointment with one of Read More →

It’s a long time ago I took the time to write. It’s now a week before Christmas and a lot has happened. First of all: my house is for sale. I’ve got a nice sign in the front garden, and there are very nice pictures on the internet on the main Dutch housing site. Viewers Read More →

This weekend my three antique clocks and an old mirror are on an auction. Well, antique…? In  theory, yes. The clocks belonged to my (grand)parents and since I am older than fifty the clocks must be as well. Hence antique. But they are fairly common, so I won’t get a fortune for them. I decided Read More →

I started the process of digitizing my 600 picture slides. If I go for the cheapest way to have them digitized, it costs me € 0.40 per slide. No, they are not worth € 240! And besides that, the quality might not be much better than the quality I get with my method. So what do I Read More →

It’s ten o’clock in the morning and the real estate agent, who is going to try to sell my house, just left. One point of no return…! I must admit I do have some mixed feelings at the moment. Am I doing the right thing? Well, only time can tell. But if I am realistic Read More →