I know we still have one week to go, before it is Easter, but me and Lawrance already had our “Last Supper”. Well, at my diner table, that is… Yesterday we dismantled most of the dismantable furniture: the book shelf in the office, the remaining office table and my bed. Last night we slept on the mattress, on the floor. Today, after breakfast, we dismantle the diner table, and the king size mattress goes to the cellar. As of tonight I’ll be sleeping on the mattress of the single bed. We also dismantled that bed yesterday.

The diner table had to stay till today. So yesterday night we had our Last Supper at this table. The meal doesn’t look spectacular, but it is a very delicious Greek leek dish.

Last Supper

Last Supper

I’m not sure if the guy in the picture is praying for supper, or asking for a younger body. I’m absolutely amazed that we managed to get out of bed, this morning, because there was not a single part of our bodies that didn’t ache yesterday night!

Today we also fill six boxes, to go on a pallet, ready for shipping to Scotland. I’ll be in trouble if, between now and our holidays, it get’s really hot, because most of my clothes are in a box, as well as most of my shoes. A cold spell will be a problem as well, because all my winter stuff is also in a box.

In the afternoon I take Lawrance back to IJmuiden. We assemble the boxes on a pallet and shrink wrap it. While doing this, I manage to sell my bike rack for the car to one of Lawrance’s colleagues. Another item gone!

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