I realise that there is another good thing, once we’re on the boat: I won’t get all the junk mail that I get here. OK, I must admit, going through all the leaflets is my way of going shopping. It keeps me informed about the latest fashion, and what kind of furniture I should buy this spring, without me leaving the house. On the boat, however, we won’t get the leaflets, and if we get them, we can’t buy anything because we have no space to put it. And, being retired, no money to buy anything in the first place.

I do hope thought that the mail In the UK is a little bit better than in Holland. Today I get a note from my postman (post women, in my case). It says: “I’m sorry to have delivered mail to you yesterday that was not for you. Would you please be so kind and deliver the mail to the right address? Or throw it in a PostNL mailbox. Thanks, your mailman.” I wonder if, next week, I get another note, saying that she delivered an excuse note to me that wasn’t meant for me. Because the only mail I got yesterday was mail from the Tax Department, about my Sales Tax. That letter definitely was for me. So I can only assume that she delivered the excuse note at the wrong address. I’m getting too old for this world…

Excuse note

Excuse note

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