Above you can see the first print of an old science fiction book. I was captured by the date it shows, and by all the other similarities. Because yesterday was my Open Houses Day.

Advert in local newspaper

Advert in local newspaper

But as always with science fiction, it’s FICTION. Everything is fact, except for the amount of cars and visitors. I had all the time in the world to do some work for one of my clients, and Jan Willem, currently trying to learn business English, did all the home work for the next week. Because NOBODY SHOWED UP. Well, that settles it. The house will go up for rent. And as soon as I’m back from the UK, to attend the survey, I’ll empty it.

Today I take some of my melodeons to a couple I know from my days of doing Swedish folk dances. They are on a weekend of dance in Utrecht, and I meet a lot of people I haven’t seen for decades. It’s very frustrating. You see a face, and you know: I’ve seen that face before. And you definitely recognise the voice. But until they say who they are, you’re in the dark. Then you remember you actually were on their wedding… twenty years ago.

It’s nice to see these people again. And that would not have happened, if I wasn’t going to the UK.

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