It is really getting empty now, my house. There is an echo in every room. But the biggest difference is the lack of furniture to temporarily put things on.

Charging the phone? No problem, but the phone has to lay on the floor. My office desk has gone, so I have to use the breakfast bar in the kitchen to put my computer on. Although the breakfast bar is a bit too small for my laptop, and there is a huge window behind me, so the screen is hard to read because of the reflection. And when I need any paperwork while working at the computer, that has to stay on the kitchen worktop. Basically the kitchen worktop is the only place to do things while standing.

My office (note the printer on the floor, as well as the scanner (on the other side of the breakfast bar))

My office (note the printer on the floor, as well as the scanner (on the other side of the breakfast bar))

Me emptying the office upstairs means that, when I have to enter something in a planning file on the computer, I have to go downstairs. And hope that I still remember what I was going to enter, because I’m too lazy to write it down. OK, I could take the computer upstairs and sit on the floor, but that’s not really an option, at my age…

Selling my belongings on Marktplaats is going well. The wicker baskets in the living room are gone, as well as 124 science fiction books. Buyers even travel for an hour, from Wassenaar (where the richest people of Holland live) to Doorwerth, for a picture slide projector that costs € 25…!

Putting things on Marktplaats, and keeping track of the reactions is a lot of work. Taking pictures, formulating a text for the item, and the most important thing: trying to find a price that makes the item interesting. My sofa’s and seat in the living room won’t have a price. Someone can have them for free. They don’t look nice anymore, being 30 years old. And I just realise that there is one good thing with putting all one’s stuff on Marktplaats: it might be gone, but I still have pictures of everything.

Next Friday all my book shelves will be collected. My doctor will have my medical records available for me. Not that he had a lot to record, over the last 58 years…! And our Polish handyman, Wojciech, just bought both my washing machine and tumble dryer. As well as my two hoovers.

Oh, yes, about my bedroom. I found out that sleeping on a mattress on the floor is bl***y cold.

My bedroom

My bedroom

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