Now we are on our way back to Acton Bridge. Once again we pass Plank Lane Lift Bridge. This time there is another boat in front of us. They do the bridge (also for the first time) but now the screen on the terminal must be hard to read because of the sun. Our amount Read More →

Today we’re going on the ‘ring road’ around Manchester. Lawrance is skipper, I’m cabin crew and lockie. Not that there are any locks in this part of the Bridgewater Canal… But there are motorways, in this case the M60. And then, after we turn left at Waters Meeting, something special: the Barton Swing Aqueduct. At Read More →

I’m the skipper again, today. I find out that it is a lot easier to sit and steer with something under my feet. We first think to use a six-pack of beer for that, but later decide for one of our folding crates. The weather is absolutely gorgeous, and sun cream is certainly needed. At Read More →

We have an early start, this morning, Eddie wants to be back at Acton Bridge around lunchtime. We pass Anderton Boat Lift again, and again no place to moor. Now Lawrance gets his first tunnels, Barnton Tunnel and Saltersford Tunnel. I will not mention the amount of points he collects here… At Acton Bridge Eddie Read More →

I’m the skipper for today. I need to practice steering and handling the boat at locks because after tomorrow afternoon, me and Lawrance are on our own. So Lawrance does the locks. Everything goes fine, Stanthorne Lock, Wardle Lock. And while Lawrance is still on shore, after doing Wardle Lock, I have to turn left Read More →

For Eddie and Carol Egg Bridge is as far as they will get with the boat. From now on they are on the way back. It is still difficult to grasp, though. They live in Warrington, and if someone asks them where they went for this weeks holiday, they have to answer: Chester. Which is Read More →

Today we leave the boat for a couple of hours and take the bus to Chester. It still might rain once in a while, so we have our umbrella’s with us. Chester has some nice houses, and a beautiful cathedral. The cathedral has very intricate (old) wood work, and it’s enclosed garden is a tranquil Read More →

After a good night we’re off in the direction of Barbridge Junction. The weather is still not too good, but we don’t need our waterproofs. The cabin crew spends a lot of time to clean the vessel of all the remnants of dirty shoes. But also finds a moment to man the tiller, while others Read More →

Today Lawrance starts as skipper. Eddie is the second officer, and Carol and me are the cabin crew, as well as todays lockies (or should I say wind lassies?). Although it’s dry when we start in the morning, we will get more and more rain, as the day progresses. First we’re amidst industry (Roberts’ Red Read More →

After doing some necessary shopping we’re off to Acton Bridge. We, that’s me and Lawrance, and Eddie and Carol, Lawrance’s older brother and his wife. They have been on a narrowboat before, albeit years ago. Twice we miss Black Prince’s yard, but the third time gets us there. Our boat, Sienna, is not ready yet Read More →