Job done, I said? No, cruising from Overwater Marina to Scarisbrick Marina was only the smallest and easiest job. On the way up we found a lot of things have to be taken care of. But, except for the engine loosing water, and the circulation pumps of the central heating not working, it’s all minor things.

The former owner left us with 90% of her stuff. Most of the things that were still usable (but not to us) we left at Overwater Marina, for their charity day. So all the pictures, cups and candles hopefully get a new life. The rest, like a pair of socks, and a whirley, end in the skip.

What is left for us, is also a heap of remains of sticky tape. WRT must be a very cold boat in the winter, because the former owner taped off everything. With wide, brown tape, which leaves dark, sticky remains. It’s all over the boat, and one of the jobs is to remove it.

On the other hand, she took away a lot of screws. Many things that are to be fastened with two screws (like the bars that hold the curtains in), lack one screw. So both yesterday and today you find us at Halfords, B&Q and Tesco in the shopping centre in Southport. Buying screws, tools and food.
Not too much food, though, because we still don’t have a fridge. The fridge is on the list for Crick Boat Show.

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