When God creates the heavens and the earth, and up till 2003, there only is Time. This time sometimes changes for a while. When summertime starts, or when you go on holiday to far away destinations, like Australia, or the UK. But the situation is kind of straight forward.

Then, as the result of pure luck (unluck???) me and Lawrance meet. Soon after that, time is divided. Into My Time and Your Time. Things get a bit complicated. Now I have two mobile phones. One for Vodafone NL, which is on Dutch time, and one for Vodafone UK, which is on UK time. There is suddenly more wear and tear of lips, tongue and muscles around the mouth, because every time you mention time you have to add My Time or Your Time. But again, most of the time it works well.
Until the moment I move onto Wea-Ry-Tired, and Lawrance is still working. Then things get really complicated.

I’m in the UK, Lawrance is in Holland. Which means: now My Time is his time, and his time is My Time (are you still with me?). So time gets divided once more: in My Old Time and My New Time.
But as a contrast, the separation of the phones is past time. Now there is only one phone, which can hold two SIM cards, the UK one and the Dutch one. So a lot more room in my handbag, no need to charge two phones (AND my very first smart phone). Two SIM cards, but unfortunately only room for one clock on the display. It works, but…

Today I wake up because I need the toilet. I have a look on my (new) phone, to see what time it is. Well, it’s 05:30 hrs. I’m usual up around 6 o’clock, so I decide not to go back to bed. It’s overcast, it’s raining, and it’s awful dark. Even the lights on the jetties are still on. And it’s cold, so I decide to switch on the central heating for a while, just to heat up the boat.

Eh, no. Once again the heating system isn’t working. I’m a bit puzzled, because the last time I used it, it worked fine, and since then nothing has changed, except for the temperature outside and the temperature inside WRT. Once again I’m going through all the settings of the controller, and suddenly see: the current time is wrong. If the heating is on, I programmed it to be on only between 05:30 hrs and 22:00 hrs. And according to the controller it’s 04:39 hrs at the moment.

3010-613 bijgewerkt

Not a problem, I think. If I change the time everything should be honky dory after that. But just as I am about to press the Time Change Button, I realise what is wrong. It’s ME (silly cow). For the first time I took my new phone with me to the cabin, to check the time when I wake up during the night. And it is hardly a surprise that it is still dark when I get up. I got up at 04:30 hrs My New Time! Because my new phone is still on My Old Time!

I think it gets time to perform some kind of time ceremony. It will be first on the to-do list when Lawrance stops working, and we’re on the boat for good.

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