The day begins rather unpleasant. It’s overcast, grey, and the drizzly rain doesn’t make things better. I do my usual morning rituals: porridge and a mug of milk, finishing off with a cup of coffee and a cigarette. As agreed last night I phone Lawrance at 07:00 hrs. He’s in Holland at the moment. But he doesn’t answer the phone.

I suddenly realise that, thinking of him, I automatically take off an hour of the current time. So, no, he won’t answer the phone, it’s only six o’clock his time. But then I remember that the 7 o’clock we agreed, was UK time, and where he is now, it is already 8 o’clock (my old time). Well, he should be up by now…

After I finally get him on the phone (trying NOT TO SHOUT, for obvious reasons) I make my way to Southport. My new dual SIM phone can only take a micro SIM card, so I need to visit the Vodafone shop. I’m not trying to attempt to find a parking space in town, I’m using the Park&Ride bus, which, as I find out, stops just around the corner from Vodafone.
When the SIM card is changed, I have a little stroll on the main street. It’s funny, one moment I live in a wooded area in the east of Holland, the next moment I live close to a seaside resort in the UK. With an esplanade, and a pier. And lots of restaurants and tearooms. that, even at this hour, are visited by people twice my age! Eating and drinking things for twice the price I would be willing to pay. So no tea and cake for me. I take the bus back to the car park and go to Tesco for food for the weekend.

Back on Wea-Ry-Tired I rearrange the towels in the bathroom. I’ve seen that many times in the boat magazines: rolled, instead of folded. It certainly looks a lot better. I also manage to sort out some ‘sloping’ shelves, and read the newest Tillergraph.

Supper is, as always, salad starter, pasta with veggie’s, this time with smoked salmon. It’s getting cold again, but since it is nearly 20:00 hrs I consider it too late to light the stove. Central heating will do.
Then it is reading time again. A book where I don’t have space for, so I decided to read it once again, and then throw it away. It’s too worn to take to a charity shop. But, being half ways through the book I realise I still like it very much, so I might have to find space for it.

At 21:00 hrs I force myself to stop reading, and do the dishes. Standing in the galley, filling the washing up bowl with water, the clouds suddenly break. And out comes the most gorgeous sun I’ve seen for ages. A bright orange-red line appears on the water of the marina. Only disturbed by a couple of ducks that can’t decide whether to go west or east.

Evening sun

I have my belated desert (Greek yoghurt with blueberries) and resume reading my book.
What a life…

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