It’s on!

…but had no choice. The Fire Is On! Much earlier than last year, or 2014, or 2016. In these years we lit the fire in the first week of October. I didn’t record what date it was in 2015. Only in 2017 we lit it early, on the 18th of September. Hopefully lighting it early Read More →

Beware: 18 miles of fishermen

Trust me to run into the biggest fishing competition of the UK. The final of the 2019 Division 2 National. A staggering 18 miles of Shroppie is lined with anglers, with about 25 yards between each angler. OK, there are places where there are none, like Woodseaves cutting, or the Tyrley, Adderley and Audlem Locks. Read More →

Ochre Coloured Bugbrooke

What’s the point of making plans? For landlubbers it might work. But when you live on a boat… forget it. Almost three weeks we spend on the Grand Union. Three weeks of hard work. The locks are all double, and have very heavy lock gates. Boat after boat after boat is moored up at the Read More →

Show off!

We’re in Braunston, and met up with Ann and Mick again. They’re facing east, we’re facing west. Then there is a change of plans. Why not cruise together for a fortnight and explore part of the Grand Union? Yes, why not? Well, we’re facing the wrong way, so I have to turn around. Jokingly I Read More →

Household chores on hottest day ever

Cruising on a narrowboat every day doesn’t mean it’s holiday every day. There still are household chores to be done. So when Lawrance is on the tiller, I make him a cup of tea, once we set off, and after that I try to do an hour of household chores. When I’m on the tiller… Read More →

Room enough to pass?

I know, I not the best person to write about first hours on a narrowboat. Just an extract of this blog about my first hours on a narrowboat: At first everything is going OK. It’s raining, and a bit cold, but I’m doing fine. Until… I get oncoming traffic + moored boats at starboard side Read More →


No one dances, no one dances. Sur le pont de Banbury No one dances, ‘coz it’s gone. Banbury, the 1st of July. Do you see the foot bridge? Of course, you can’t miss it. Banbury, the 22nd of July. Do you see the bridge? Is it missing? It sure is. Of course I could have Read More →

I know WRT already wrote about some of our adventures, but there was more. After a day off, moored just after at Kidlington Green Lock (well, day off for some… WRT did half a shift, helping me with the laundry, and I did a whole shift doing the laundry and making bread), we do the Read More →

You know what just happened? SOMEONE TOOK A SELFIE!!! Of her, the boat and… THE HERB GARDEN! A bit like this (but this is not the aforementioned woman, the picture is not a selfie and it is taken the next morning): Anyway, if there would have been more room in the well deck, I would Read More →

I was really looking forward to see you again. Remember, three years ago, we shortly met at Isis Lock in Oxford? So what it I do wrong? What did I do to you to threat me the way you did? I certainly enjoy Day Zero. Yes, zero, because they don’t want to pay my license Read More →