After over a year of writer’s block, there might be new posts on this blog.

Since the last post in December 2020 things have changed quite a bit, to say the least. Changed to such an extend, that the boat name now is a complete lie.

There is no WE anymore; Lawrance lives on his own boat now.
And I won’t get my state pension until the 10th of June, there also is no retired person on the boat.

But Mea-Ry-Tired somehow just doesn’t sound right…

Anyway, it’s just me and her, now.
Her life hasn’t really changed. Mine has.
Now I am the steerer, the engineer, the planner, the cook, the cleaner, the lockie, the dishwasher, the polisher, and, of course I provide the bag of money needed to run a boat.

But such is life. Me and WRT discussed the matter and decided: We go for it!

So on the 13th of April we’re off!

The WE in the first few blogs are me, WRT, and Ann and Mick and the dogs. We’re together until I turn left (or right).

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