Today, and yesterday, and the day before.
And last week, and the week before that.

No gale force winds, no torrential rain, plenty of sunshine.
A perfect day to spend locked down, in the marina.

Just before the sun comes up, I get up.
It’s awful quiet, not only because it’s around 5am but also because there is nothing on the road.
The only thing I hear is birds.

I spend breakfast doing an online course, one that doesn’t ask a lot of attention, like The History of the Book in the Early Modern Period: 1450 to 1800.
After that I spend an hour doing a course that needs all my attention, because it is a difficult course, like Farm to Fork: Sustainable Food Production in a Changing Environment, or involves meditation, like Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance.

Then, after a break for a cigarette it’s time to jump in the car to get newspapers for Lawrance, and Ann and Mick.
The fire has to be done, and kefir made.

Around 9am I do my first household chore, a ‘normal’ one.
And after that I do a task that is long overdue.

Lunch around noon, followed by walking part of the marina to pick up litter.
A great change to speak to a lot of people. And my first daily exercise.

Somewhat later I borrow Mick’s bike to spend around 45 minutes cycling more or less around the marina.
I try to do about 6 miles, which is hard. The bike has an absolute torture saddle and the marina has too many speed bumps and pot holes.

At 4pm it’s time to download and read my Dutch newspaper, and when it’s my turn to do the cooking, that task has to start at 5pm.

The evening is for knitting (I’m on my first corona-jumper still), and reading all extra information I downloaded from the online courses.

Evenings are always very quiet, and usually have beautiful skies, as you can see on this video, made by Karen.


By the way, did you hear someone playing melodeon in the distance (you have to turn the volume right up, to hear me above the very loud birds…)?
Yes? Then it is Thursday, when The Rusty Boater’s Band performs on the patio of the Tearoom.


Or if it’s Saturday, because then it’s Quiz Night in the marina, on Zoom, of course.

Weekly Quiz Night on Zoom

Weekly Quiz Night on Zoom

Oh, of course being a member of one of the best bands in the marina (not to say the only band in the marina) also means practising melodeon and concertina, sometime during the day.

And I just have to watch our resident swan.
He just keeps doing it, chasing geese, hour after hour after hour.
See this wonderful video made by Kurt (also a member of The Rusty Boater’s Band).


Around 9pm it’s time to do the fire again, and chill out, reading one of the old books I have on my e-reader.

And at 10pm I’m in bed.

A day well spent…

One thought on “Perfect day for cruising

  1. Gina Marsh on April 28, 2020 at 2:41 pm said:

    What a delightful read. Thank you Magda
    I loved the photos and videos too. X

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