Room enough to pass?

I know, I not the best person to write about first hours on a narrowboat. Just an extract of this blog about my first hours on a narrowboat: At first everything is going OK. It’s raining, and a bit cold, but I’m doing fine. Until… I get oncoming traffic + moored boats at starboard side Read More →


No one dances, no one dances. Sur le pont de Banbury No one dances, ‘coz it’s gone. Banbury, the 1st of July. Do you see the foot bridge? Of course, you can’t miss it. Banbury, the 22nd of July. Do you see the bridge? Is it missing? It sure is. Of course I could have Read More →

I know WRT already wrote about some of our adventures, but there was more. After a day off, moored just after at Kidlington Green Lock (well, day off for some… WRT did half a shift, helping me with the laundry, and I did a whole shift doing the laundry and making bread), we do the Read More →

You know what just happened? SOMEONE TOOK A SELFIE!!! Of her, the boat and… THE HERB GARDEN! A bit like this (but this is not the aforementioned woman, the picture is not a selfie and it is taken the next morning): Anyway, if there would have been more room in the well deck, I would Read More →

Once upon a time there was a narrowboat with an Oh-I-love-your-name name. The boat is still there, happily (well, if and when there is enough water) cruising the Oxford Canal at the moment. Over the last few weeks though, that boat has something new: an Oh-I-like-your-herb-garden herb garden. And today some people really went overboard Read More →

Spinning and more

…I like to live and travel on a boat! It’s the perfect (only?) way to meet heaps of interesting people. People with stories, and hobbies one has never heard off. Meet Jacky. She knits, chrochets, makes quilts, spins and dyes wool. A former liveaboarder, she works at Saltisford Canal Centre; she let me use their Read More →

Step 3

Do you sleep under a double duvet? And do you like changing the duvet cover? I always hated it. It’s horrible to do it on your own. I used to stand on top of the stairs to have enough room to get the cover on properly. It’s horrible to do in a small space. Think Read More →

Doubled up with Rorah

No wind, no rain, no Lawrance. Oh, and a proper gangplank-cum-rescue ladder. Can life get any better? Well, it has been shite, for a while. It was flippin’ cold. Thank Andy and Christine for our central heating. We needed it. Most of the time it would be 12°C in the boat, when I got up. Read More →

Nettle Pasta on the Drying Rack

I see a couple walking on the towpath. They pass the galley, the dinette, then stop. Look at me and… wave enthusiastically! I don’t have a clue. They look kind of vaguely familiar, but that’s about it. Maybe people who met Andy and Christine during the years they cruised on WRT. It has happened before Read More →

No, only 18% of the Montgomery Canal. The rest is unreachable for us at the moment. We spend the night just in front of Frankton locks. Very quiet, and good for the solars. We have a relaxed morning, the lock keepers don’t start much before noon. We’re first in the locks, at 11:45 hrs, and Read More →