Once upon a time there was a narrowboat with an Oh-I-love-your-name name.
The boat is still there, happily (well, if and when there is enough water) cruising the Oxford Canal at the moment.

Oh-I-Like-Your-Name moored in Lechlade

Over the last few weeks though, that boat has something new:
an Oh-I-like-your-herb-garden herb garden.

And today some people really went overboard (excuse the pun).
I was sitting in the well deck, having a cigarette, when I noticed this boat approach the lock (we’re moored just before the lock landing).
I overheard a conversation between the woman on the bow, and the man at the tiller:
Women: “Nice boat!
Man: “I like the name!”
Women: “Oh, and look at these wonderful herbs!

Of course, they were right. WRT IS a nice boat. And we know that the name appeals to everybody. But what about these herbs?

Well, at the moment the herbs are mentioned more often than the name. Rightfully, because they are gorgeous. Lush green, healthy and in abundance. They grow so well, we can’t keep up eating them. So I always have some herbs hanging in the galley, to dry for winter use.

Herb Garden

To my surprise even the chilli seeds we got at Mexican restaurant Wahaca in Liverpool in March are growing.

In Banbury I added lavender and (yellow) tomatoes to the roof garden. And sowed lettuce and cilantro in the remaining part of the second grow bag. The lettuce is coming up, the cilantro apparently takes a while.

And the lemon grass is developing roots (but is still inside the boat).

I need better pots for the lavender and tomatoes, though. The pots they are in now don’t hold the water, and that is definitely what plants need at the moment, in this tropical kind of weather. For now the dog’s water bowl and a soup plate have to do.

And what is most amazing?

I have no green fingers whatsoever!

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