No wind, no rain, no Lawrance. Oh, and a proper gangplank-cum-rescue ladder.
Can life get any better?

Well, it has been shite, for a while.
It was flippin’ cold. Thank Andy and Christine for our central heating. We needed it.
Most of the time it would be 12°C in the boat, when I got up.

It has been raining. So much, that one day we stopped cruising after half an hour.
It was just horrible.

And if there was no rain, there would be strong winds, straight from the North Pole.
It was a matter of side doors open, side doors closed; waterproofs on, waterproofs off.

On top of all this, we’ve been carrying our shit around for days. Due to blocked Elsan points, for health and safety reasons.
Thankfully it wasn’t hot, the smell would have been unbearable…!

But everything turned out well.

We’re in the Saltisford Arm, in Warwick. Doubled up with Rorah.

Doubled up with Rorah

Doubled up with Rorah

Ann and Mick have gone back to Scotland.
And Lawrance is back in Scarisbrick, for dental appointments and getting a new stock of tablets.
Chance for me to catch up with things. Like writing my blog, doing the annual self assessment for HMRC, and finish crochet projects.

The plans still are to go to Oxford and Bath. That means Oxford Canal, and rivers.
Both notorious for not being able to moor close to the bank. And although we have a nice gangplank, and we’re not that heavy, it still is scary to use it. Hence the new gangplank. Which also serves as a rescue ladder.

Gangplank-cum-rescue ladder

Gangplank-cum-rescue ladder

Due to all the rain, my herbs are thriving, and the lettuce is also not doing too bad.

I’m afraid that’s about all that happened since my last post.

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