Just the right stretch to be a single hander!
Bridges with a 90° bend underneath it, narrows without passing places,shallow just where you get oncoming boats. But I like it. The narrows is a matter of tunnel light on and pray. It’s just a challenge!

As always this year, I manage to get just the spot where I would like to moor. As close as possible to Tesco and Aldi in Rugeley. And on the 14 days moorings at Fradley. In the sunniest spot.

My plans are to go on the Coventry Canal to Fazely, and the turn around and go back home. But then I get a message from CRT: they’ve closed half the Trent&Mersey, between lock 41 and lock 71. What to do, what to do?

I decide that I don’t want to change it, going on the Coventry, so I turn around at Fradley. The sooner I get on the Staffs&Worcs the better. That canal usually has no water shortage.

I end up at my favourite spot at Handsacre. Just right to get the Saturday paper next day. And on Sunday I move back to Wolseley. The grapevine already told me that Great Haywood is very shallow…

Wolseley again, now in a spot with a little bit more sun. But since I don’t cruise a lot I still need to run the engine, once in a while.

While in Wolseley I use the opportunity to go to Lichfield for a day (bus pass again!).
So yesterday I went through the Armitage Tunnel, on my way to Lichfield I go over it.
The cathedral in Lichfield is a bit disappointing, and so are the shops. But he, it’s a day out.

So today is shower day, laundry day, weblog day. And tonight I hope to enjoy once again one of the very nice sunsets one can see here.

Just amazing

Just amazing

Off to Tixall tomorrow.

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  1. And another gorgeous sunset photo, thanks.

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