It’s amazing how many more shops there are near the canals this year, compared to last year.

Think Wolseley Bridge. A garden centre, stained glass maker, antique shop, Indian restaurant and a Vintage Inn. That was it.
This year there are 4 Aldis, 2 Tescos, a Morrisons and a Sainsburys.

OK, I must admit, not at Wolseley Bridge itself. But all absolute easily to reach… by bus.

The shops at Stafford and Lichfield are basically at the bus station. Aldi at Baswick has it’s own bus stop. Only Rugeley involves a short walk.
All the sudden Penkridge has proper shops (i.e. in Stafford). So has Gnosall. And Handsacre (i.e. in Lichfield). Even Tixall has an Aldi and a Sainsbury (in Stafford), plus the farm shop, of course.
Towns, some I didn’t even know they existed, are there to visit. Lichfield, Shrewsbury, Chester.

Of course it asks for a whole new way of planning. Now moorings need to be in the middle of nowhere, with plenty of sunshine for the solar panels, AND have a bus stop.
I need to be well stocked up with water and basic (heavy) foodstuff. But then a quick trip with the bus (with just a small rucksack) gives me enough provisions for another week.

My narrow cruising horizon has definitely broadened.
Thank you, Lord Davies!

One thought on “Many more shops

  1. Lynne williamson on October 22, 2022 at 6:52 am said:

    Fantastic achievement Magda. Go girl glad your still enjoying the cruising. Love Lynne and Norman x x

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