…not away. Well, the first half an hour, yes. I manage to get my crew ready early, so after a 9:15 hrs start we do a lock and three bridges. Then just before lock 32, it all comes to a stop. Lawrance wants me to squeeze WRT through (and rip the cratch cover, scratch the Read More →

About half a mile from where we are moored is a green field, You can’t discern it from here, but it’s maize. Ever been in a maize field? Except for doing things only satellites and God can see? Things that neither God or the farmer would approve off? (Or your parents, that is…) Well, here Read More →

A staggering 211 locks we did, after my last post on this blog. And 308 miles. In 38 cruising days. Yes, you guessed right. All the posts after the 14th of May and today are… written today (no phone signal so no hotspot – too hot – too many locks – too many friends – Read More →

When you travel (and live) on a narrowboat you always encounter gongoozlers. Gongoozlers? And that are? Well, a gongoozler is a person who idly watches activity on the canals of the UK. Gongoozlers flock locks, gather at canalside pubs, and are always full of questions. “Are you on holiday?” (There is a Dutch flag on Read More →

Just as we set off from Braunston, I get an email from Annemarie. They are on their boat, for a couple of days. In case we’re in the vicinity… Their boat, Dubbel Dutch (see Dubbel dutch) is in Crick Marina, our next stop. How convenient. After sharing the Braunston locks with an experienced hire boat Read More →

We leave Birmingham via the Farmers Bridge Locks. It’s a horrible part of the cut. Lots of debris in the canal, old ruined building alongside (and over) the canal, everything covered in graffiti. One of the next set of locks, lock 4 of the Aston Locks, is closed as off today, so we have to Read More →

I checked our time schedule, and found out that we would be in Warwick way too early. So there is a change of plans. We’re not going on the Avon to Stratford-on-Avon and Warwick. No, we go back to Worcester, do the Droitwich Canals (tick off), the Tardebigge Flight (again) and go to Birminhgam (again). Read More →

It’s Lawrance on the tiller; and we face 15 swing bridges and one lift bridge. Guess who has to do the bridges? Wrong! All the bridges have bridge keepers! Procedure? Red light flashing: bridge keeper has seen us and started the sequence. Green light: go through bridge. But first we moor at the Sainsburys Pontoon. Read More →

It’s an easy but boring run to Upper Lode Lock. The lock keeper gets a call, and the lock is ready for us. Beyond this lock the Severn is semi-tidal. Yes, and? The lock keeper asks: “Do you know about the tide?” “Tide? Eh, no. Why?” It turns out it was spring tide yesterday, so Read More →