It’s ten o’clock in the morning and the real estate agent, who is going to try to sell my house, just left. One point of no return…!


I must admit I do have some mixed feelings at the moment. Am I doing the right thing? Well, only time can tell. But if I am realistic it is a good thing. In 2017 I have to pay off my mortgage, which no doubt will force me to sell the house. By selling it now, it is MY decision. And even if I could keep my house then, I will have to sell it sometime later anyway, because it’s too big to maintain and to keep clean. But then I will be a lot older, and I know for sure that it would be a lot more difficult to do all the de-cluttering at that age, and going through the selling process. It was already hard to do now.

I also don’t want to spend the rest of my life doing what I did over the last weekend, which basically was nothing. With not really a lot at hand, days seem to have a lot more than 24 hours. And at some point in time I will run out of books to read and sudoku’s to do. I don’t think I will reach my retirement age this way.

And another good thing: I will get a brand new house. With brand new appliances. At the moment everything in my house is still in working order, but everything is around 30 years old. That never bothered me, but I must admit that I do look forward to all the new things…

So I decide to stop having mixed feelings and happily go on with life.

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