The never ending story of getting rid of all my stuff. I make another appointment with the people from the second hand shop for next Tuesday. Although it is nice to have a lot more space in the living room, now the book case is gone, it fills the basement. So I move all the Dutch books to the garage, ready to be collected.

Book(s not for) keeping

Book(s not for) keeping

All together there are nine boxes with books. And I add to this two boxes of kitchen equipment, two boxes of drinking glasses, some garden tools, camping equipment, a fish bowl and my backpack.
I still have all my English books. I’m not sure what to do with them. Take them with me to the UK and donate them to an English charity shop? Or try to sell them on (the Dutch version of eBay)? To be prepared for the latter I take pictures of the books. As well as of everything else I will try to sell in the near future.

Today we also submit our second offer for Wea‑Ry‑Tired. She needs some TLC and maybe a major operation, so we don’t want to pay the full price. But we both like here…

Since the housing market is still death, I decide to take part in what they call an Open Houses Day. A day when people just can show up at the front door and visit the house. Of course it will be a problem for me to show a family of ten the entire house on my own, so I ask one of my neighbours if he’s willing to stay with me for the four hours I can expect visitors. He can’t really refuse; last Saturday he got all the wood for the wood stove I had in my garage…

And to make matters worse, I suddenly have a lot of work. One of my clients decided to alter some 80 books. All the books are still in WordPerfect, and I think I am the only one who is old enough to know how to work that software program. And whatever program I have to use, work pays some of the bills. So who am I to complain?

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