…there was a book case. Full of books. Now there is   S    P    A    C    E    !

S   P   A   C   E


Most of the books I want to keep are in Scotland already. All the other books are in carton boxes in the basement, ready to get rid of. And like last time, when I dismantled part of this book case (see Saturday 8 February 2014), I am in for a surprise. Spider webs of course, but also a nasty shadow on the wall. The book case is gone, but was still there. I could still see every single shelf, and basically all the books as well. Luckily for me the wall has washable paint, so I don’t have to repaint it. I just wash it.

Another surprise (well, one that I knew I would find) are the sockets for telephone and cable-tv. They don’t look nice on such a great white wall, so I put two wicker baskets in front of them. The big basket used to be in the upstairs corridor. This corridor is empty now, and looks big enough to organise a party in…!

It makes the living room feel completely different. The more I take out, the bigger the room seems to get. And with the wall now being white again, in stead of dark and full of books, the living room suddenly is a lot brighter. Which makes me feel even more like a stranger in my own house. Not really a surprise, when you see the picture that is on the internet for that part of my living room.

How it used to be

How it used to be

Of course the book case is not completely gone. That is also in the basement. Ready to be sold to a company that sells and buys this brand of furniture. It is a very popular brand, but the original company that manufactured it, has gone bankrupt. And since people still like the stuff, there is a good market for it.

Not completely gone

Not completely gone

And I know that at least someone is interested in my house. Yesterday, while working in my office upstairs, I heard voices, kind of close by. When I looked out of the window I saw a couple, IN MY GARDEN! I found this a bit cheeky, but for once I didn’t chase them away. One never knows…

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