Four days ago I got an email from one of my neighbours. She heard from another neighbour that I’m planning to rent out my house. Was that really the case? Then she knew someone who is having a divorce and trying to find accommodation for herself and three kids. OK, so yesterday I had an appointment with a representative from a company that deals with temporary rent of exclusive houses. And signed the papers for renting out my house. He reckons he might be able to rent it out as of the first of April.

Yesterday I also found out that, if one doesn’t use a colour printer for half a year, one might as well throw the thing away. All the ink had dried out, and with new cartridges put in I got all kinds of strange lines on the prints. My initial plans was to buy the smallest possible printer-scanner for the boat, but that’s a waste of money. I don’t expect to print a lot. Even for my work (if and when I get work) I can proof read on my e-reader. So I might take my laser printer with me on the boat (if there is enough space) or I’ll have to do without a printer.

If someone wants to rent it, my house has to be empty. So today I do some serious work. With me going to Scotland next Tuesday I put all the books I want to keep in carton boxes, ready to put in the truck. So far I will take 82 books with me to Scotland. I reckon I need about 2.40 metres bookshelf for that. But if need be I can do away with some of these books. Just…

Then I dismantle part of the big bookshelf in the living room.



...and after

…and after

Because I’ve never changed anything in the living room (after my divorce) the (empty) space underneath the part of the bookshelf that is gone now, is full of nice surprises. Well, nice, or surprise? Not really. Vintage spiderwebs and twenty five years old dead spiders. Luckily there is no ‘shadow’ on the wall, were the shelves once were, so I don’t have to do a paint job in the very near future…

I also use the opportunity to transport all my ‘party clothes’ to Scotland, as well as Lawrance’s kilt. All this is in two plastic bags, that I make vacuum. I estimate that all my stuff will easily fit in the storage under a dinette. And that’s one third of my wardrobe in the bedroom empty, except for my twelve jigsaw puzzles.

Then it is time to write today’s blog. While doing this I’m still puzzled. I estimated earlier on that I had about a hundred books, to take with me. I now I only count 82. Then suddenly I realize: there are still some books in my office. Well, they have to stay in Doorwerth a little bit longer.

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