Yes, we’ve left the marina. And changed our plans completely. The Llangollen Canal will have to wait till next year. We will go down the Trent& Mersey. Stop at Stafford Boat Club to enable Lawrance to go to his army reunion, and replan after that.

We have heaps of time to get to Stafford, so we can do the Runcorn Branch of the Bridgewater Canal. Another canal ticked off.

So far we haven’t seen a lot of boats moving, and people on the towpath of the Runcorn Branch tell us: You’re the first boat after the winter..

Dead end

The Runcorn Branch is a dead end. It used to connect to the Manchester Ship Canal, but where once were locks, now there is a footpath. The remains of the locks are still visible, though.

Walking in a lock

And at the end of the footpath is the temporary home of the Duke of Bridgewater, where he lived during the build of the canal.

Bridgewater House

We moor our house next to The Brindley, a theater, just outside the Runcorn Basin.

The Brindley

Don’t let the blue sky fool you. Up to now it has been very cold. No rain, so far, but very windy, and the cold edge to the wind made most cruising days very cold.

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