Did I say we didn’t have rain, so far? Well, when we leave Runcorn it is raining. Guess who’s on the tiller?

With all that spare time we can afford to stop at the Lion Salt Works. An old ‘salt factory’ turned into a very interesting museum. Just the kind of thing I like.
Lawrance stays on the boat. Will he get the flu?

I don’t like the way Lawrance is feeling. I want to be somewhere near a bigger city, in case he really gets sick. So the next morning I let him stay in bed, and I head for Middlewich. I start early, because the weather forecast is rain, wind and (again) snow. Luckily Lawrance does feel a bit better.

Before we left the marina I was expecting some paperwork from the Dutch State Pension. It always arrives around the 16th of March. When I phoned them, they said: “No, we NEVER send out the paperwork that early in the year.”

Well, it arrived at the 28th…
So, devious as we are, we invited Jo and Marc, who live ‘next door’ to us in the marina, to have a meal with us in Middlewich… And to visit the breach. And bring me my mail.

To the Breach

So here we are, as far as we can go on the Middlewich Branch.

As far as we can go

From the distance we can see the breach.

The Breach

The CRT people that are here (to raise funds for the repair), tell us that they expect it to be repaired next summer. At the moment they can’t do anything: it’s nesting season.

Audlem Flight, here I come…!

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