In general I’m quite happy, living in the UK. I’m now used to driving on the wrong side of the road, sitting at the wrong side of the car. I found a replacement for Andijvie (Cichorum endivia) to make Andijviestamppot, a Dutch dish I absolutely love. And everybody I met so far, is extremely friendly. Just Read More →

It’s a beautiful day The sun is shining I feel good And nothing’s gonna stop me now Well, sort of. We’re fuelled up, topped up with water, emptied the cassette, paid for all the work, ready to rock and roll. If it wasn’t for the gale force wind. Remembering too well what happened to me Read More →

Do you know what BOAT stands for? Bring Out Another Thousand! Well, tomorrow we will know how many T’s we have to bring out. Not that it really matters. All the work so far really improved our life (and WRT’s life, read Oh, I feel like a princess and see some pictures she posted). Starting Read More →

Well, it took some time, but I think I look awsome now! First of all, my front doors are repaired. There is no cat flap anymore. The doors just need a touch-up with varnish, which (I hope) will happen some time next year. I got my new glasses, the ones without a mid-section. (A bit Read More →

I know there are things called Beauty Farms, but I’m not sure about Beauty Marinas. Not that it matters, though. I’m in one anyway. I will get some brand new features, and I’m looking forward to it! I already have my glasses removed. I’ll get one of those modern things, without a midsection. I also Read More →

It’s weird how your mind plays tricks with you. I just went to the toilet, and I’m walking back to the saloon. When I’m at the dinette I suddenly think: I didn’t flush the toilet. What? is my next thought, is this the beginning of dementia? But no, I’m on the boat, and there is Read More →

When God creates the heavens and the earth, and up till 2003, there only is Time. This time sometimes changes for a while. When summertime starts, or when you go on holiday to far away destinations, like Australia, or the UK. But the situation is kind of straight forward. Then, as the result of pure Read More →

You always considered yourself to be a decent member of the Dutch society, and all the sudden you find yourself amongst asylum seekers, fake marriages and lots of Eastern Blockers, Chinese and other people, who don’t speak one word of English. The only other person present that does speak English, is a woman, about my Read More →