It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, and there is only a light breeze. Just about perfect to go to the nearest pub, the Saracen’s head, in Halsall. According to Google Maps it’s a 2 mile walk (including getting out of the marina), but it certainly feels longer, especially after a couple of drinks. We’ve Read More →

Don’t worry, we’re doing OK. But it is definitely time for another update. Unfortunately not a lot about cruising yet. One weekend we had to go to a demob party at the Commando Training Centre of the Royal Marines in Exmouth. The engine of WRT had it’s annual check-up. I certainly needed a hair cut. Read More →

It’s exactly one year ago when I saw them for the first time. They seemed OK to me. For Magda it was love at first sight, and Lawrance definitely did like my name. I knew I would still miss the couple who designed me, and had me build, but Lawrance and Magda would be a lot Read More →

Instead of watching silly ducks and moorhens, trying to cope with something that looks like water but definitely is something else, I better write an update. Because there are many: On Point of no return; On Boerenkoolstamppot; On Moorhens. Moorhens Let’s start with the most important update: the moorhens. Usually we see a lot of Read More →

Remember the strange sounds we heard when we were frozen in? That Lawrance thought it must be Nessie? (see I hear* the sound of…) Well, I’ve seen ‘Nessie’ today. Our neighbour’s son was fishing, sitting on the boat. And within half an hour he caught this! These monsters live between and under the boats. And Read More →

Stamppot (or vegetable mash) is probably the most favorite dish in the Netherlands during the winter. A combination of potatoes and some vegetables, mashed together, and served with a smoked sausage and gravy. The latter served preferable in a little pit, made in the middle of the stamppot. Sometimes lardons/pancetta (spekdobbelsteentjes) are also used, either next to Read More →

No, not of braking glass. And in fact I hear two sounds that I’ve never heard before, since I moved onto the boat last June. Both sounds seem to originate outside the boat. One sound (the one that wakes me up at 5:22 hrs) doesn’t bother me immediately. It sounds like the zip of a cratch cover, Read More →

Wassaile the trees that they may beare You many a plum and many a pear. For more or less fruits they will bring, As you do give them wassailing. I think things are rapidly going downhill, since I moved to the UK. From a spacious house to a much smaller narrowboat, from a decent citizen Read More →

It’s 6:15 in the morning when I wake up from the noise of water, splashing against the hull at starboard side. It makes me need the toilet, so I decide to get up. Carefully I make my way towards the bathroom. But walking is extremely difficult. WRT rocks like hell (is she getting her own back Read More →