Blue again!

Yes, finally I manage to write a post on the blog. She’s making bread, and so far I’ve just been too busy enjoying myself! Lazy cruising days, heaps of boats to chat with. And I’m treated very well. Pampered, I think is the right word. Just imagine, all the rusty spots on my roof are Read More →

I was really looking forward to see you again. Remember, three years ago, we shortly met at Isis Lock in Oxford? So what it I do wrong? What did I do to you to threat me the way you did? I certainly enjoy Day Zero. Yes, zero, because they don’t want to pay my license Read More →

Usually I’m a happy boat. I like gliding through the waters of the English canals. I enjoy the odd challenge of 60 m/hr winds, or empty ponds, or girls only weekends out. But now I’m full of questions… Does he check the head light, before entering Preston Brook Tunnel on full speed? Does he slow Read More →

Did I mention the snow and ice we had in January and the first couple of days in February? Well, just after that things changed dramatically. In such a way, that I’ve done four days of cruising already; 10¾ miles in total. First of all it was Lawrance’s 70th birthday on the 16th of February. Read More →

Tradition has it that I, WRT, write the first blog of the year. Because they always leave me alone, at this time of the year, and go to Scotland, to see Ann and Mick. And watch the pantomime, visit museums, go to the movies, and empty charity shops. This year Magda knew what to expect, Read More →

I’m just reading the new posts she put on the weblog, and I have the feeling she left out an important part of the cruising. So it is up to me to fill in the gaps. After spending some days with Pat and Stephen in Salt, they start cruising back to the Staffs&Worcs. And after Read More →

It’s quarter to ten in the morning. They did the daily checks. My engine is warmed up (not that the engine got any cold, last night). Fenders are on the roof. Off we go. To tick off another canal: the Erewash Canal. It’s even a new canal for me! I’m quite happy to start off Read More →

Swansong told me HE planned to head for London. And I told her SHE planned to do the Llangollen. But in the end me and her meet at Etruria.~ Best laid plans… Well, before I meet Swansong, Magda and Lawrance want to tick off another canal: the Caldon Canal. I told them I’ve been there Read More →

Just to let you all know: I’M SAFE (for the next four years, that is). Passed my examination with flying colours (of course)! Well, Magda was told: NOT TO TAKE OFF THE ALDE FLUE OUTLET AGAIN! I’ve told her that as well, but, as per usual, so far she didn’t listen to me… For the Read More →

Today, nineteen years ago, I was brought in this world. So today is my birthday. Like last year, and the year before, and the year before, and.. I was expecting HEAPS of birthday cards, and birthday wishes. Well, guess… I got a quick hug from Magda, and on she went, with whatever she is doing. Read More →