Just to let you all know: I’M SAFE (for the next four years, that is).
Passed my examination with flying colours (of course)!

I’ve told her that as well, but, as per usual, so far she didn’t listen to me…

I don’t have the flu (or is it flue?)

For the non-boaters: every four year a boat needs an safety examination. A bit like a MOT*. They check the boat to minimise the risk of boat fires, explosions, or pollution.
So everybody inside or outside the boat would be safe. No safety certificate means no licence, and no insurance. And no mooring in the marina.

To be honest, they wouldn’t have to check me. Would I do harm to the people I love?
Or to innocent outsiders? Of course I wouldn’t. But unfortunately these checks are part of the life of a narrowboat.

*MOT = English version of Dutch APK or German TÜV

One thought on “I’m safe!

  1. Tin Lizzie on April 27, 2018 at 1:00 pm said:

    Glad to hear your still afloat, WRT, despite the efforts of your crew.

    When I had my safety check done, it was like going to the dentist or having an MOT. No not me! I was confident, but it was poor Bill. He didn’t sleep for a week prior to the exam’s. Then when the examiner gave him the pass certificate, he was like a beam of sunshine. Bill, I mean, not the examiner.

    Please keep in touch and news of your travels. I had my first real trip this year. What a pantomime that was. About 7 boats were going to the clubs BBQ at the Three Fishes. Actually there are only two, but who’s counting after a few bevvies? But only two boats turned up, with three crew in total (including Bill). However, by all accounts they had a great evening, and didn’t get to their bunks till well after 11pm. (The other boat and crew wish to remain anonymous and have not been seen since.)
    Apparently why the others didn’t arrive, was something to do with The Slipway pub’s bridge which was stuck for three hours.

    My plans so far are 3 trips to Liverpool. Bill is actually going there next week by train and on his own! The last time Bill has been on a train his Mum had to hold his hand all the way, just in case he got lost. And the rumour’s going round the marina his he’s coming back by boat. Now I’m really going to be worried, as he’s bound to get lost.

    Keep in touch, we slim builds have to stick together.

    Tin Lizzie

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