Well, what do you think?

Finally delivered

Finally delivered

Finally she got delivered to the marina. She’s 60 ft, and she’s gorgeous. Al singing and dancing, and heaps of space inside.
On the picture you can see the old crane, that took her off the trailer. In front of the boat you see Dave, the driver who took her to the marina on his truck. He’s shaking hands with…?

So who is the guy next to Dave? He looks like Lawrance, but why are they shaking hands? First thing that comes to mind: we bought a wide beam. And just got it delivered to Scarisbrick Marina. But Lawrance could also have started a new job: crane driver. Puzzling, isn’t it?

Think again. Does Scarisbrick Marina have an old crane like that? The answer is: NO.
Do we need more space? I know I can steer a wide beam (see Finally). But would we sell our beloved WRT for a bl***y wide beam? The answer (again) is: NO!!!

It actually very simple. Dave is our backdoor neighbour in the marina. He’s a lorry driver, delivering boats all over the UK. For a delivery in Milton Keynes he needed a second man. Wide beams are wide, and, in this case, long as well. And guess who acted as second man? Yes, Lawrance. Just to see what he is (not?) missing, now he is retired.
So the alarm set for 4:30 am, leaving Scarisbrick Marina at 6:00 am. Being in the Saturday shopping traffic. Does he miss his old job? The answer, once again, is: NO.

In the mean time the weather here is still very fine. We have the most gorgeous sun sets.



And it’s still warm enough to walk around in polo shirt. Giving me the chance to polish WRT. So far I’ve done the back, and the port side of the boat.

Polishing Port Side

Polishing Port Side

I could leave the polish on; I do like the pattern…

Nice Patern

Nice Pattern

But without it she looks absolute brand new. And luckily for me the farmer next to the marina finally got a ‘gun’ to get the 21,309,741 geese away from the field. Geese that like to turn all narrowboats in the marina brown… So today WRT has to turn around again (she’s getting dizzy from all this turning), and I will polish starboard side and roof.

And that will be WRT ready for the harsh winter that’s predicted.

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