Once upon a time there was a country that decided to do something smart:
a Brexit (all foreigners out).
All inhabitants of that country, obviously not the brightest of people, are delighted.

Not realising that without these foreigners their country would come to a complete standstill: vegetables stay on the fields forever, enormous queues at supermarket tills, all restaurants reduced to a couple of tables, hotels closed. Even the complete health care system would collapse.
Nobody realises that foreigners are all ACV’s (Assets of Community Value), but appear on no list…

Anyway, the country decides to allow some of the foreigners (the most intelligent ones?) to apply for settlement status.
Application takes a long time, and starts with presenting themselves, with their passports, to an office, in a far away city. Pay a huge amount of money, and get confirmation that the one on the passport picture is really the one who has the passport.
Then there is only one minor thing left to do: provide proof of residency.

Since the country doesn’t provide housing for foreigners, most of them don’t have a tiled roof over their head, and therefore don’t pay council tax. But also don’t have running water, mains electricity or telephone. Which means: no domestic bill to proof residency during the previous five years.
Hence a non-avoidable forexit.

Only the most clever foreigners find a way to proof that they indeed have lived in the country:
“I pay tax, so I am”.
By telling the government: “Hé, I paid YOU tax over the last five years, do you not remember that? Are you getting dement? Do us foreigners have to do all the work and all the thinking for you?” they reluctantly are given permission to stay.
These foreigners might come in handy later

Settled Status

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