Keep it or bin it

Keep it or bin it?

It’s five o’clock in the afternoon, and it’s 38°C here. Just about the right temperature to read… Christmas magazines!

No, I don’t have a sun stroke. I haven’t been outside much because of all the scanning and shredding. But besides having a lot of computer arts magazines I also have a fair amount of Christmas magazines. They came in handy over the last years to get the right Christmas mood, when I wasn’t sure to set up the Christmas tree and put up all the decorations. But now I have to get rid of most of them. I don’t think we have enough room on the boat for a Christmas tree. And, more important, no space to store it the rest of the year.

So here I am, sitting in my deck chair in tropical temperatures, reading about snow, cosy wood fires, and turkey with all the trimmings. But I realize that this is just the right time to decide which ones I want to keep. If a magazine now doesn’t urge me to get my fleece, it’s not worth keeping it.
And with a big smile on my face I manage to reduce the amount from 43 to 13 magazines.

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