I get the feeling that the process of ordering the boat, and supervising the building, will be the easiest part of the job…!

In the last two weeks my scanner (and I) worked overtime. Beside having a heap of books, I also have a fair amount of magazines. And they have to go as well. But I still want to keep some of the articles in the magazines. So I have to go through all of them, and tear out the articles I want to keep. And then scan them.
This morning I finally finished all my computer art magazines. I went through 101 of them. And scanned 524 pages. These magazines come with a cd. So I opened 101 cd boxes, put 101 cd’s in my laptop, created 101 new maps on the computer, copied at least 101 files, took 101 cd’s out of my laptop and put 101 cd’s back in their box. The result is impressive. The cd’s will be thrown away, and I have two empty cd racks. And, of course, empty floor space in my office.

Two empty cd racks

Two empty cd racks

For the time being I will keep hold of the very slim cd boxes. I might want to use them for cd’s that, for whatever reason, I don’t want to copy onto the computer. And these slim boxes take up half the space of one of the old boxes.

101 cd boxes

101 cd boxes

I’m still working on all my cooking magazines. Luckily I don’t have that many of them. But it’s difficult to decide what recipes to keep. I don’t want dishes that take hours to cook. That’s OK when you live in a home with an unlimited gas supply, but I know from my camper van holidays that gas bottles empty themselves faster than you think. And I also have to look at the ingredients. With no Tesco around every corner of the canals, exotic ingredients are out of the question. It’s store cupboard recipes I definitely need. And, going through all the recipes, I wonder if a small freezer might be handy. I have to discus that with Lawrance… Speaking of him, although he is in Romania at the moment, I can actually hear him say: “Why are you doing all this? You will never use any of these recipes, because it’s ME that will end up doing the cooking every day!

And I certainly hope that there will be an end to all the thunderstorms we have at the moment. My house has been struck by lightning a lot of times over the years (causing damage to electrical appliances) so every time I hear thunder in the distance I have to switch off the computer and find something else to do.

The weekend before last I had a look at all my picture slides. I went through approximately 3700 slides, and managed to reduce them to the 600 in the boxes at the left in the picture. I can have them digitized, but that would cost me about 250 pound. And I don’t think these slides are that valuable to me. So either I reduce the amount even more or I might just project them on the wall and take a picture with my camera on a tripod. But that has to wait until it gets dark at night earlier than ten o’clock.

Approximately 3700 slides,  reduced to 600

Approximately 3700 slides, reduced to 600

I also went through my 8 mm movies. That was really funny, seeing these for the first time in ages. I might want to get them digitized. That is not too expensive (it’s only four small movies and a larger one).

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