Today the last of the junk is collected by the council. The garage is mostly clean, except for the wood for the wood stove.

Last of the junk

Last of the junk

Yesterday I had an appointment with the third real estate agent. This one was the only one of the three who came on time. The others were half an hour and fifteen minutes too late. I don’t think that’s a good habit when you have to meet possible buyers…! The last one also knows all the inns and outs of the kind of house I live in. In fact, he was able to tell me a lot of things I didn’t even know. He also was the only one who didn’t give me a price straight away. He’ll be back with the price this week. Then I will decide which real estate I will use, and my house will be on the market two weeks after that.

And Piet started yesterday with the repair of the first rotten timber.

The last days were definitely not easy days. All the real estate agents told me that I have a very nice house. Of course, I knew that already, living here for more than 27 years. But it made me feel a bit sad, people telling you that at the very moment when you actually prepare to leave the house. And you ask yourself if you do the right thing. Unfortunately there is no one you can or will give an honest answer to that question. Luckily for me Ian, who blogs about his live on his narrowboat, sent an update. So at least I know what I do these things for.

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