Could there be a pattern in the make?

I thought I would be out of the blue, by now. It’s over a year ago I finished my last Delfts Blue project.
Unfortunately though, Annemarie, from narrowboat Dubbel Dutch, sent me a magazine from 1981, with a knitting pattern for a Dutch tiles jumper.

Ariadne 1981

Can you imagine, I used to have that magazine myself? And got rid of it before I came to the UK?

Of course I had to make that jumper. So out came the knitting needles, yarn got ordered, and after thirty years I had to try to remember how to knit.

Last knitting project I did, Christmas 1989, Norway

Yes, that’s me, with braces, and a heap of curls, just started the process of getting divorced. And knitting the jumper I’m wearing a lot, nowadays. It’s falling apart, after thirty years, but that’s a different subject.

Luckily Ann was in the marina to teach me how to knit purl (averechts) again. And casting on was dealt with by YouTube.

The end result doesn’t quite match my expectations. Wether it is the yarn, or me out of practise, I don’t know. But it will do.

Still in the Blues

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