But it certainly was present!
It being me, of course.

Remember I mentioned Change Ringing (see Venice again?)? It turns out that the ringers at Evesham Bell Tower have their practise on a Wednesday. So there is only one thing I can do: send the contact person an email to see if I can visit their practice.

Evesham Bell Tower

And yes, I can!
So around 19:15 hrs on the Wednesday I climb the steps to the bell ringing platform of Evesham Bell Tower. Nine people pull the bells this evening.

Evesham Bell Ringers

They even show me the bells themselves. Upside down, ready to start ringing.
Well, in fact, they did ring one of the bells when I was up there, but at that moment I had my fingers in my ears!

Bells, upside down

They ring a couple of patterns. And now I can hear that the order of the bells changes. But following the pattern…? No, not yet.

Bell ringing pattern

But I find out that Ormskirk has bell ringers as well, so I definitely will pay them a visit, once we’re back at home base.

The next day we HAVE to leave the 48 hour moorings. We get as far as Offerham Lock, a two hour journey.

Offerham Lock

And what is in walking distance? Harvington Golf Centre. So the next day the owner of said golf centre meets us half way with a golf buggy, and we start playing golf at 09:00 hrs. Early, as to be back before the rain starts.

The golf course is right next to the river. To prove that, I copied part of the picture.
See the lady, or half the lady, just behind Lawrance? She’s on a boat on the river.

Golf Course next to the river Avon

We are unlucky with the weather. It’s very, very windy from the beginning, and after hole 13 we jump in the buggy and go back to the club house. Rain. After half an hour (and a free coffee) we’re off to hole 14, but by the time we finish it starts raining again.
I’m double unlucky: I loose (the first time during this cruising season). But that’s entirely due to the gale force winds. Should have brought my winter cap, which has an ear cover…

We spend the weekend in Bidford-upon-Avon, a nice little town. We find a place to have the anchor, I make bread. We need new magnets on some of our cupboard doors, but unfortunately Bidford Harware Store is closed for a short holiday break.


Now we’re waiting for the rain and thunder…

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