I manage to convince them that today I really want to leave early.

Hampton Ferry and Ferry Man

One: I have to negotiate a ferry cable (use the horn three times, and the ferry man lowers the cable), and two: I’ll meet up with Swansong. And what a timing: we arrive at the moorings at exactly the same moment!

Evesham Visitors Moorings

We haven’t seen each other for almost a year (see Finally), so we have a lot to talk about. And the few times we are not yapping there is enough to see. About a hundred swans, geese and ducks, the rowing club is just across from us, and there is also a lot of boat movement.

Girl’s Talk

Evesham is a nice place. There is enough to do for the boat crews, while me and Swansong indulge in girly boat’s talk. Magda visits the Almonry, (a nice museum), a church (St. Lawrence), and, of course, Evesham Bell Tower.

Evesham Bell Tower

I get visitors from Australia and Germany to have a look at my inside. And the crews visit two local pubs, the Royal Oak and the Red Lion, for drinks and meals.

Evesham is also a bit weird. Where we are moored, one cannot be seen with (or carry) alcohol. Which, of course is not a problem for me and Swansong, but Magda and Lawrance certainly break the law by sitting outside and having a drink.
They show us a picture of a entrance to a bank for disabled people. We all wonder what happens if one presses the button. Four heavy weights, running out, and lifting the wheelchair over the steps?

Bank Entrance

And the two yellow lines alongside the roads in Evesham are not there to say: no parking. No, they are for drunks, to enable them to go (kind of) straight, going home from the pub.

Unfortunately, two days later Swansong is on her way again. I’ll miss her…

2 thoughts on “Girly talk again

  1. Tin Lizzie on July 31, 2017 at 3:15 pm said:

    My Bill is so stupid!! He wanted to know the following. As you arrived at the moorings at exactly the same time as Swansong. Did this mean you had collided with each other? Of course you did, I told him.
    Now I’m really worried about your news about an Australian and a German examining you insides? Does this mean you’re ill, I hope not, as you spent a fortune on that make-over last year.
    Last query. How can two yellow lines, or any other colored line say: NO PARKING? The mind boggles at what these humans, who we let handle our tillers, get up to.

    Oh, a single word from Bill: Wishingyoubothagreatholidayandasafereturnhome.

    • Don’t worry, Tin Lizzie, me and Swansong were in the safe hands of Magda and Ian. So we didn’t collide.
      The Australian couple (from the Australian over-sixties cricket team) and the German lady (whom Magda met in the bell tower), just would like to see how the other half lives.
      And well, these yellow lines… I think it’s like a sign without words.
      These yellow lines would come in handy on the Avon as well, though. So silly hire boaters and yoghurt pot owners wouldn’t stop at the most awkward places, waiting for me to get out of the lock, I still didn’t find a way to bend…
      But saying that, the paint would disappear pretty fast, and I’m also sure, even if it wouldn’t disappear, nobody would take any notice of them.

      Oh, and please tell Bill: yourspeakingshiteexcusemyfrench.

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