That’s us back at Scarisbrick.

We had to hurry home, because Lawrance is running out of tablets. Which meant me getting soaked the last four days in a row because of the horrible weather. I definitely need new (and proper) waterproofs!

Anyway, time for statistics.

We’ve been out 185 days, which is a lot less than the 218 days in 2018.
But we cruised 140 days, which is more than the 126 days last year.
We did less locks (2019: 433; 2018: 653) but more bridges (2019: 65; 2018:56).
Of course we were less hours on the tiller (2019: 444; 2018: 481) and less miles (2019: 875; 2018: 958).

And this is what we did.

Cruising 2019

Cruising 2019

No, we didn’t get as far as Bath or Bristol. But we finally managed to do the Llangollen. And the Upper Thames. The Grand Union was a bit of a surprise.

And so was THE BLOODY STRONG WIND, almost every day.

Needless to say that, back in the marina, the wind is even worse. But we’re used to that…

Scarisbrick Sky

Scarisbrick Sky

The gorgeous skies early in the morning (06:00 hrs) also tell us: we’re back!

2 thoughts on “Back at home base

  1. You are so lucky!
    So many places still to visit, so many waterways still to explore.

    • Maggie on November 6, 2019 at 7:03 am said:

      I know.
      I just hope all these canals still to explore will stay navigable for a while.

      Luck is good planning, carefully executed.
      I better start planning…

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