I’m still in Swanley Bridge Marina. Today I get my new engine covers; the last job before we set sail, so to speak.

Because I’m more experienced than Magda and Lawrance I try to tell them how to handle me, now I’m freshly painted. Should have done that earlier: the first paint is allready off…!

I try to convince them that I want to go on a canal with the tow path on the right hand side. Thus avoiding the trees on the non-towpath side that might damage my upper body.
I also tell them on a windy day not to go on a canal that has small locks and huge bywashes.
I tell them that the fender hooks they bought, and painted dark green, are of no use: they will snap.

And another thing: I don’t want to cruise too many hours a day. I just want to spend a lot of time, admiring myself in the only mirror I can see myself in: the canal. So I ask them to do short cruising days.

Daisy, Daisy....!

Daisy, Daisy….!

But will they listen to all this?

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