And Sinterklaas, and New Year, and Burns Night.

And what have I done?

Well, a lot! Except from cruising, that is. I crocheted dog bones, napkin rings and birthday cakes.

Birthday Cake

Had golf lessons and played golf. Went to yoga classes twice a week. Went to the swimming pool (and jacuzzi and steam room) twice a week. Discovered a few very nice books in the book exchange in the marina (each about 600 pages). Made bread once a week, and yoghurt as well. Did our weekly shopping, and prepared meals  four times a week (on average).

Home Made Bread

Notice the nice bread board in the background? Christmas present from Ann and Mick.

Other than that, Sinterklaas passed unnoticed; Lancashire is quite a long journey on a horse, for a guy  his age.
New Year’s Eve was spent in the dark side of the marina, on a wide beam.
Burns Night was celebrated on WRT. Ann made the mashed tatties and neeps, and the haggis was prepared in our microwave. Because the microwave is stored under the kitchen worktop, in the far corner, me and Ann had to kneel on the floor, in front of the cupboard, to get the haggises in and out of it.

Christmas started with the annual boatersclub Christmas Supper at the New Scarisbrick Arms.

Annual Christmas Supper 2016

Then we had a pre-pre Christmas meal on WRT. Turkey with all the trimming.


But with Ann being a vegetarian, it wasn’t turkey as we know it, thanks to a sculpting chef.

Sculpting Chef

The Faux Grass starter was just that (faux) and the gravy was vegetarian as well.

We had a pre Christmas meal on Rorah, a meal at the golf club, and a get-together on WRT. With lots of healthy snacks and not-so-healthy drinks.

Open house 2016

And Santa Claus gave me golf lessons. Plus, as a result of that, a statue to celebrate the fact that, after two lessons, I managed to do Hurlston Hall Golf Course in 26 shots less than the previous round. Somehow I don’t think the statue resembles me, though…

Golf Statue

And I’ve got the blues.  The Delfts Blues, I mean. Due to us meeting a Dutch family on their narrowboat (see I suddenly found myself craving for something Delftware on WRT. So I started doing a panel of nine delftware tiles. This is one of them. But because it is not finished yet, that’s all I will show you at the moment.

The Unfinished Blues

Well, do I need to say more? If a day had 36 or even 48 hours I would still try to fill all of them. The only problem would be: lack of energy. Yoga classes are mean. Yoga plus swimming? That’s me knackered. Playing golf? Hurlston Hall Golf Course is a long course, and a pouring ‘drizzly’ rain or a gale force wind plus sub-zero temperatures turn a round of golf into a devastating experience. Doing cross stitch? It’s hard to see for a woman my age, even with reading glasses. It takes so much attention that sometimes I just forget to breathe!

So it comes as no surprise that, around ten o’clock at night, I just manage to prepare the fire for the night, and after that I’m off to bed. Another day gone, in the blink of an eye…

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  1. John Holmes aka JR! on April 8, 2017 at 4:10 pm said:

    Sound as though you’re about to meet yourself coming back, Maggie. Lawrance looks like he’s scrubbed up quite well for the occasion though by the look of those rosy cheeks the malts taken a hammering already!

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