Well, it took some time, but I think I look awsome now!

First of all, my front doors are repaired. There is no cat flap anymore. The doors just need a touch-up with varnish, which (I hope) will happen some time next year.

Front doors with...

Front doors with…

...and without cat flap

…and without cat flap

I got my new glasses, the ones without a mid-section. (A bit like Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge is wearing in Star Trek?)

And I also got a new ‘robe’. Not a prêt‑à‑porter, but real Haute Couture. Gary White from All Seasons Covers in Atherton (www.allseasonscovers.co.uk) made a ‘muslin’ (well, sort of)  to perfect the fit, before even touching the final fabric. The end result is stunning, and fits to perfection. I even get compliments for it, from fellow boaters…

Making the 'muslin'

Making the ‘muslin’

Stunning end result

Stunning end result

The changes inside were not too painfull. In fact, I didn’t feel them at all.

But one thing I know: I have a lot more energy than before the operation. And the disorderly feeling I had inside me, is gone as well.

So, in one word, I feel like a princess…

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