They always say that wearing a lot of (thin) layers is better to keep you warm than one thick layer. Can you imagine how flippin’ cold it was last night? With temperatures well below zero and with all your layers taken off? Luckily I was still wearing my socks and knickers…

It was a tough day anyway. They said they would first give me a scrub shower, and then they would play Scrabble with me. I wasn’t sure about that Scrabble, but I definitely didn’t want that scrub. Had that when I was young. It was horrible and I didn’t want it again. So I told them: “I don’t need it.” And told them again. And again. Then they finally realised that I knew what I was talking about. That indeed I had been through it when I was young.

So they skipped that, put earplugs in every one of my ears, and started… No, I must have misunderstood them. They were going to scabble me, not playing Scrabble with me. I certainly would have preferred the Scrabble, I told them that loud and clearly. But they didn’t hear me. Well, to be honest, you could hear the noise this scabbling makes at a two mile distance.

Scabble, not Scrabble

Scabble, not Scrabble

I didn’t even hear Magda opening the sliding door of the shed at the end of the day. You know, that’s why I love her. She braved the deafening noise just to see how I was doing. And to comfort me. If it wasn’t for various other reasons I would endure all this just for her.

But she could have thrown her newly crocheted throw over me, for the night…

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