Yes, but there is one thing missing. So me and Lawrance jump in the car and head for the outskirts of Southport. In the car are also a kilt (and waistcoat and jacket) and a memory stick. The kilt is going to the dry cleaners, on the memory stick is a picture for a personalised mouse mat, and I want to buy another (!) set of fairy lights (battery operated) for the cratch.
Well, that’s the plan…

I know there is something wrong with the UK. Sometimes I come across things that give me a very strong feeling of déjà vu (taking me at least 20 years back), and I mentioned in an earlier blog the loss of 1 hour per day. But this beats everything: it’s a week before Christmas and all Christmas merchandise is GONE.

Two months ago (when all trees still had leaves, and we were walking round in shorts) whatever shop you entered, you walked straight into a Christmas Grotto. With 20.000 different Christmas lights, half a million Christmas ornaments, and enough Christmas trees to replace the entire Amazon Rain Forest. And now, when normal people start to decorate their homes for Christmas, there is nothing Christmassy left.
Except for some wrapping paper.

So what does that tell me? Everybody must have put up all the Christmas decorations weeks ago. Because shopping for that one missing item, that would make your house suitable for a story in a magazine about posh homes, that’s out of the question.
Are UK people that good at planning that they can buy everything they need at once?
And what about all these Christmas trees? By the time it’s Christmas they are just wasted away to skeletons, with all the needles gone.

I wonder what happens on the 25th of December. If something happens, that is.
Will that be Christmas Day, like on the Continent? Or does the UK celebrate Christmas on a different day, and I just missed it?

Anyway, luckily for me, Poundstretcher still has heaps of lights, even battery operated ones, so I manage to get a string for the cratch.
And we definitely will celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December, the proper day; like I’ve done my entire life.

Christmas card boat 2014

Merry Christmas to you all (whenever you celebrate it).

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